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You have a question about the Marche de l’espoir? You will find the answer here!

When the Marche de l’espoir can take place in person, the official start is at 11am on the Mont Blanc quay. However, the Walk can be initiated throughout the afternoon, until 5.30 pm. Please note: you cannot start the Walk before 11am.

Each participant decides how many kilometres he or she wants to walk according to his or her physical abilities and enthusiasm. However, a minimum of one kilometre is required.

Yes, you can register on the day itself at the “Registration” stand in the Mont Blanc Rotunda. The “Registration” stand is open from 9.30 am to 5 pm. Please note: you cannot start the Walk before 11am (official start time)

Of course, parents can accompany their children without having to register. However, as the Walk is also open to adults, they can look for their own sponsors and register as individuals!

This is better! The subscription of the children on the website allows to get his walking kit in order to participate to the March, 16th of october. Also, the app will allow to collect the km while doing the March. From 17th of october, the app will allow to complete the challenge by walking

No, registration is free.

The Marche de l’espoir takes place by all weathers! Think of your boots and pilgrims if the sky is grey…

Our dog friends are not accepted at the Botanical Garden.

Skates, scooters or skateboards are not allowed on the Walk route. That would be too easy 🙂

The entire route of the Marche de l’espoir is secured and on a pedestrian zone. Safety volunteers are present at each pedestrian crossing to manage the flow of walkers.

Two samaritan posts are set up along the route, one at the Mont Blanc rotunda and the other at the Science Museum.

The route takes place alongside the Quai du Mont-Blanc, then follows a loop along the dock to the botanical garden, suitable for people with disabilities. Then back to the Rotonde!

Each participant receives a souvenir from the supported country and a snack with 100% organic, local or fair trade products when the Walk is in person.

No, it is not mandatory to do the whole loop. However, a minimum of one kilometre is required.

Of course! The more kilometres you cover, the more money is donated to disadvantaged children and families in the South.

Throughout the day, when we can meet in person, musical and dance performances from the supported country are scheduled under the big tent in the Mont Blanc rotunda. Troops of musicians also accompany the children at the start of the march.

You will find culinary specialities from the country supported under the big tent in the Mont Blanc rotunda. Terre des Hommes Suisse will also have various stands along the route, where you will be able to eat and drink. Please note that all the profits from these sales will be donated to the association.

The registration coupon given during the event is not a QR invoice. You have to scan the coupon with your camera to access the donation page.

The aim of the Walk is for the child to take responsibility and to be a real actor from the beginning to the end of the process. It is the child who, after having been made aware of the Walk at school, must convince his or her parents and entourage to participate in the Walk and obtain sponsors. It is also he who decides how many kilometres he will walk. Finally, it is the child who will go and find his sponsors, once the Walk is over, to collect the amounts promised and send them by post to Terre des Hommes Suisse.

If a child unfortunately cannot find a sponsor, a contribution of CHF 5.00 is expected, as the registration of each child involves costs for our organisation.

There is no need to add godfather or godmother before the March. Once the walk done, you could share your particpation with a link to your godfather or godmother. They will appear in the listing once they would have participate to the kitty.

When registering, each participant receives a personalised payment slip, made out to Terre des Hommes Suisse. This payment slip allows you to transfer the amount you have collected during the Marche de l’espoir.

If you lose the payment slip, here are the bank details of the Marche de l’espoir:

CCP 17-110622-4
Terre des Hommes Switzerland
March of Hope
1223 Cologny

With your walker’s number as reference.

In 2021, the donations collected during the Marche de l’espoir were donated to the programmes of Terre des Hommes Suisse in Haiti. You will find out soon which programs the 2022 donations will be donated to. 

Yes, Terre des Hommes Suisse organises the Marche de l’espoir every year at the same time. And this since 1992!

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Marche de l’espoir could not take place in person in 2020 and 2021. However, a digital solution was available to allow you to participate at your own pace and in complete safety. 

This year, in 2022, we invite you to meet face-to-face on October 16th!

We are often asked this question by sponsors who sponsor a child. In general, we estimate an average of 10 kilometres per child. But you should know that a 10 year old child can easily walk 20 kilometres (or more!). It is up to you to judge according to the age and motivation of your walker.


Living in a healthy environment is one of the rights of the child. For this reason, it is essential for Terre des Hommes Suisse that the Marche de l’espoir is part of an eco-responsible approach:

All food and meals are local and/or organic and/or fair trade. Vegetarian meals are offered. Local and seasonal products are preferred.

The infrastructure and decoration of the event are carried out according to coherent and environmentally friendly choices (mutualisation, FSC, recycled and biodegradable material).

All tableware is 100% biodegradable and glasses are returnable. This approach drastically reduces the amount of incinerated waste. Over-packaging is banned. Waste sorting is encouraged throughout the day and the public space is cleaned up at the end of the event.

To optimise water consumption, throughout the year and particularly during the Marche de l’espoir, we are hunting for waste and we are preserving water with eco-labelled cleaning products. Water bottles are offered to participants and drinking fountains are available. We also offer dry toilets on the route.

To avoid the use of PET bottles, several “Eau de Genève” fountains are installed along the route, in partnership with the SIG.

This event is powered by Electricité Vitale Verte and controls its consumption by avoiding unnecessary consumption.

The venue is easily accessible by public transport. We encourage soft mobility, both for our employees and the public.

All communication for the Marche de l’espoir is done on recycled paper, preferably unbleached or bleached without harmful products. The use of electronic mail is favoured in all stages of the organisation of the event.

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