How does it work?

From 1 October to 20 November 2020, take part in the DIGITAL Marche de l'espoir! Despite the current situation, we look forward to offering you this event in a format that suits your needs and schedule.

You are only a few clicks away from the start of the Walk of Hope! Your registration will be done in less than 2 minutes.

Ready for the big start? Here's how it works:

1) Fill out the form to create your collection page here

2) Once your collection page is created, you can share it with your sponsors, friends and family or anyone else who wants to sponsor your walk.

3) Then download the "Walk of Hope" application to start recording the kilometres covered on your collection page:

The application is essential for this Digital Walk! It will allow you to fill in the kilometres covered so that they can be added up and contribute to the overall objective of going around the Earth that we have set ourselves!

You can also share photos or videos of your Walk of Hope on the application and follow our news to find out more about the projects you will be supporting as you walk.

The whole team of Terre des Hommes Suisse is looking forward to living this digital adventure with you!