How does it work?

  1. Click on the Button "je souhaite m'inscrire en tant que marcheur -euse" on the right and fill in the form.

  2. The moment we receive your registration, Terre des Hommes Suisse will mail you your "Walk kit" for free, including:
    - your Marche de l'espoir 2017 passport
    - a list of sponsors to fill in
    - a payment slip
    - some practical information

  3. Then, you should look for sponsors – among your family, your friends and your acquaintances – who agree to give you a certain sum of money for every kilometer walked . Use the list you have received to note down their names!

  4. Make sure to bring your fully filled passport on the day of the walk, do not remove any parts. Every kilometer it will be stamped at a checkpoint.

  5. After the Walk, meet with your sponsors to show them your passport and collect the money pledged.

  6. Once you have collected the whole sum, send it to Terre des Hommes Suisse through the numbered payment slip (one per walker). Don’t forget to send us your “Sponsors’ list” and your passport in the return envelope

How does it work?