• 01 - At what time does the Marche de l'espoir begin ?

    The official start is at 11 a.m., on the Quai du Mont Blanc. However, people may take part in the Walk at any moment until 5:30 p.m. Careful: you can not start the Walk before 11 a.m.

  • 02 - How many kilometers should I walk ?

    Every participant is free to decide how many kilometers to walk for themselves, according to their capacity and enthusiasm. However, a minimum of 1 kilometer is required.

  • 03 - Can I register on the day of the Walk ?

    Yes, you can register in the actual day of the Walk by coming to the 'Registration' stand at the Rotonde of the Quai du Mont Blanc. Careful: you can not start the Walk before 11 a.m., the official starting time. 

  • 04 - Can parents walk with their children? Should they be registered too?

    Naturally, parents can walk along with their children and they don't need to register. However, as the Walk is open for adults, they can search for sponsors and register in their own capacity!

  • 05 - Should I pay for registration ?

    No, the registration is free.

  • 06 - Does the Walk take place in case of rain ?

    The Marche de l'espoir will take place whatever the weather! Don't forget to take your boots if the sky is grey :-)

  • 07 - Can I take my dog along with me ?

    Unfortunately our 4 pawed companions are not allowed in the Jardin Botanique

  • 08 - Can I do the Walk with roller skates ?

    No roller skates, child’s scooters or skateboards are allowed on the course of the Walk. It would be too easy :-)

  • 09 - Is the course safe ?

    All the course of the Marche de l'espoir is secured in a pedestrian area. "Safety volunteers" are present at every crosswalk to manage the flow of walkers.

    Two infirmary stands are also installed along the way: one at the rotonde of the Quai du Mont-Blanc and the other one at Musee des sciences.


  • 10 - Do participants get to have a souvenir ?

    All Walkers receive a souvenir from the supported country and a snack that is 100% organic, locally grown or fair-trade.

  • 11 - Do I have to complete the loop of the course?

    No, it is not mandatory to complete the whole loop. However, a minimum of 1 kilometer is required.

  • 12 - Could I complete the loop many times over ?

    Of course! The more kilometeres you walk, the greater the funds delivered to underpriviledged children and families in the South.

  • 13 - Are there any shows along the Walk ?

    Yes, throughout the day, music performances and dances from the supported country are scheduled to take place at the Rotonde of the Quai du Mont Blanc. Music bands will also walk along children at the start of the Walk.

  • 14 - Are there food stands along the stands ?

    You can find stands offering traditional food from the supported country by the big tent at the Rotonde of the Quai du Mont Blanc. Terre des Hommes Suisse also holds some food stands all along the course where you can eat and drink. It should be noted that the earnings from those sales will be entirely transferred to the Association.

  • 15 - If I do not have any sponsors, can I still take part in the Marche de l'espoir ?

    The purpose of the Walk is to turn children into truly empowered actors, from the beginning to the end the process. It is up to them to convince their parents and entourage to take part in the march and find sponsors. It is for them to decide how many kilometers to walk. Finally, it is up to them to go to their sponsors once the Walk is completed in order to collect the amounts pledged and to mail them to Terre des Hommes Suisse.

    In the unfortunate event that a child was unable to find sponsors, a contribution of CHF 5.- is requested, as each registration incurs costs for our organization. 

  • 16 - Who should I send the collected money to ?

    Upon registration, each participant receives a personalized payment slip to the name of Terre des Hommes Suisse. This payment slip allows you to transfer the amount that you have collected during the Marche de l'espoir.

  • 17 - Who will benefit from the donation ?

    This year, the donations collected at the Marche de l'espoir will be delivered to Terre des Hommes Suisse projects in Peru.

  • 18 - Does the Walk take place every year ?

    Yes, Terre des Hommes Suisse organized the event every year at the same period since 1992!

  • 19 - On average, how many kilometers does a child walk ?

    This question is often asked by sponsors. Globaly, we estimate the average distance walked to be 10 kilometers per child. However, you should be aware that during the Walk, a 10 year old can easily travel 20 kilometers (or more!). Therefore, it is up to you to judge how much money to pledge according to the age and motivation of the walkers you sponsor.