Sponsoring and partnerships

The Marche de l'espoir is the biggest solidarity event of its kind in Switzerland: every year, the Walk gathers over 5000 children and youth, most of whom come with their family. In total, over 12 000 people gather on this occasion, supported by about 500 volunteers. So, by becoming a partner of the Marche de l'espoir,

  1. You associate the name and the image of your firm to a popular solidarity event ...
  2. You enhance the corporate social responsability of your firm with your clients and the public.
  3. You engage your staff in a strong federating project that combines sporting effort, solidarity and conviviality.
  4. You collaborate with an operational Geneva based NGO that is close to you.

Your firm's visibility: a few examples

  • Your firm features in the Terre des Hommes Suisse Journal (circulation: 30 000)
  • Your company gets recognition over the microphone on the day of the event
  • Your firm's banner is displayed along the course of the Walk (visibility for 10 000 to 15 000 people)
  • Your firm's logo is displayed on this website, with a link to your company's website
  • Your firm features in the press release and it's logo is displayed in the press file
  • There are further possibilites to promote the partnership on internal and external communication material (client journal, website, newsletter, intranet, etc.)

Other cooperation possibilities that we can initiate together!

  1. Incite your staff to take part in the Walk and to sponsor each other
    You can favor a gathering of colleagues outside the usual working context, get together with friends and family for an event that combines sporting effort, solidarity and conviviality: a great opportunity to build new links between colleagues and strengthen the team spirit!

  2. Sponsor your staff and their children
    This sponsorship can take many forms: you could determin a fixed amount per kilometer walked (eg. 1 CHF per KM); you could also double the amounts collected by your staff and/or their children; finally, you could define a global amount to support the walkers from your company and issue an internal communicattion about it. 

  3. Offer a volunteering experience to your staff
    Each year, more than 500 people take part in the success of this day by investing their time. Form a group of volunteers in your business or encourage your employees to give some of their time

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Hélène Stadelmann
Sponsoring and partnerships
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