Launch your personal collection online!

With the help of your parents and with one click, you can create a 100% secure personal collection page to share your commitment with your close relatives and collect donations for disadvantaged children from India.

How to proceed?
1. First, please register to the Marche de l’espoir 2018 via this form, in order to receive your official passport.
2. After you have registered via the form, go to this page (in French)
3. Click on the LANCER MA COLLECTE button
4. Then create your personal account (it's free) or sign in to your account of last year. And then choose "Create a new page".

After that?
5. Your personal collection page is created at the end of your registration> see a sample page
6. You receive the link of your page directly by e-mail
7. Then write a personal message on your page and add your photo (optional)
8. Send the link to your future sponsors by e-mail with a nice little comment. They will be able to donate directly to your personal page and leave a small message of encouragement.

We wish you in advance a pleasant walk and a fruitful collection. And we look forward to seeing you on the Quai du Mont-Blanc on October 8th!