Infos pratiques - Titeuf


This year, there is no official course to follow. We invite you to walk or run at your own pace, whenever you wish.

However, as a rough guide, here is an average of how many kilometres are covered for different types of activities:
- 1 hour's walk in town or in the countryside: about 4 km
- 1h swimming: 1.5 km approx.
- 1 hour cycling in town or in the country: about 13 km
- You can also count your journey to school on foot or by bike, over 1 week, over 1 month - calculate the distance and the number of times you do it per day!

Each year, during the Marche de l'espoir, all the walkers walk the equivalent of one trip around the world. This year, we will try to achieve this goal as well!



Given the current situation, we invite you to walk at your own pace, taking into account barrier gestures and taking care of yourself.

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